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Microsoft Surface, Samsung Galaxy Beam in Podcast 301

How much would you pay for the Microsoft Surface? We debate this pressing tech question and many more.

How much would you pay for the Microsoft Surface? Can it ever beat the iPad when it's been undercut so spectacularly by the Google Nexus 7? The answers to these questions and many more are about to be poured into your ears.

Join the CNET UK team as we get in a tablet tizzy, as well as checking out the top tech of the week and discussing the latest news hot off the presses.

Along with 37 million other people, we get misty-eyed about the Olympics, find out the latest on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and Jelly Bean, and applaud faster broadband speeds for all. Oh, and we all have a little chuckle about the boss of BlackBerry and his outrageous claims for BlackBerry 10.

Katie shines a light on the Samsung Galaxy Beam, Luke gets his game face on with video game streaming to your tablet, and Rich is mad about the Mad Katz Strike 7. But which of this week's gadgets claims the Crave kudos and wins the day as the toppermost piece of Crave-worthy kit?

We also turn to you, esteemed listener, for your thoughts in the feedback section. Which is better: SSD or HDD? PS3 or YouView? Hobnobs or Digestives? And how do we put tech in the hands of the more senior folk in our lives?

Whether you're looking for technological help and advice or just need to blow off steam about the gadgetry of the moment, leave us a comment below or on our Facebook page -- where you can mingle with like-minded tech heads and peek behind the scenes at CNET Towers.

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