Microsoft Surface dancing ad pulverizes Apple

According to Ace Metrix, the all-dancing Surface ad is "the most effective" tablet ad of the year. Yes, even better than the Galaxy Note ad. And in an entirely different realm from Apple's offerings.

They're dancing in the streets of Redmond.
Microsoft/YouTube Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Some got excited. Some shook their heads. Some felt fortunate to have a DVR.

The reactions to Microsoft's new clicking danceathon Surface ad -- the one that made "Glee" look sedate -- have often been deeply-felt.

But who cares what human beings think when you can get hold of numbers?

How delightful, then, that Ace Metrix -- a company that loves to put numbers to things -- has definitive numbers about whether the Surface ad clicked.

Some of you will feel your Sunday is complete when I tell you that Ace Metrix declared it the "most effective" tablet-only ad of 2012.

Yes, the best. The very best. It dances around the competition.

I am grateful to Neowin for identifying this stunning result. For the Surface ad garnered an Ace score of 674.

This makes it even more, um, "effective" than the seminal works for the Samsung Galaxy Note.

Some Apple fanboys and human skeptics might be wondering how Ace Metrix manages to perform its quest for absolute knowledge.

Well, it shows ads to a massive 500 people. This is something Ace Metrix does quite a lot. For it claims to have performed "2.6 million surveys in 2011 alone."

A short pause to consider that.

Clearly, Ace Metrix is very committed to its methods, which allegedly analyze such things as desire, relevance, and likeability.

You might remember that the company recently declared that iPad ads didn't even rank in the top 10. In fact, they were the worst tablet ads of all, it seemed.

At the time, the company's vice president of marketing, Jonathan Symonds declares forcefully: "Apple ads are falling short of competitors'."

Now, the company's CEO is quoted by Neowin as saying:

iPhoria is wearing off in the tablet market, and the introduction of the Surface has given Microsoft quite a few 'cool' points among consumers. The new Surface ads have flipped the 'Mac vs. PC' campaign on its head introducing intense aspiration among consumers, as evidenced by very high 'change,' 'desire,' and 'attention' Ace scores.

So that's it, Apple. You're done. Pack up your iPads and go home.

Unless, of course, you can find a way to actually interest someone at your little iPad Mini presentation on Tuesday.

Even if you do, remember that Ace Metrix will be asking 500 people what they think the minute you release a new ad.

Now that's pressure.

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