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Microsoft staffing up Mac unit

Amid record Apple sales, Microsoft posts a note on its blog saying it is embarking on the "biggest hiring initiative" since it launched the Mac-specific unit 11 years ago.

Microsoft is hoping that better Windows products and marketing will eventually stem the market share gains that Apple has been making. In the meantime, the company is trying to make the best of things.

The software maker is growing its Mac Business Unit (MacBU), which just had another record year.

"The Mac BU at Microsoft is growing--we're launching our biggest hiring initiative since the inception of MacBU 11 years ago," general manager Craig Eisler said in a blog posting. "We are hard at work planning for products beyond Office 2008, and we are growing our team to help turn our vision into reality."

The posting didn't say just how many people Microsoft is looking to hire or just what some of its new products might be (aside from a future version of Office). Eisler did note the general areas in which Microsoft is hiring as well as offer a Top 10 list of reasons to join his group. I'll let those who are interested read his blog for that.

"We're hiring for multiple roles (Program Managers, Developers, Testers, User Experience, and Marketing) in Redmond and Silicon Valley," Eisler wrote.