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Microsoft searching for Olympic medals

Google and Yahoo aren't the only ones that plan to tweak their search engines to highlight Olympic results. Microsoft said it, too, will feature results related to the Beijing Games.

Although it talks about the battle with Google as a marathon rather than a sprint, Microsoft is hoping that the Olympics will help give its Internet properties a tail wind.

As Google and Yahoo are also doing, Microsoft is tailoring its search results to feature Olympics content. Its news, video, and celebrity search results will all highlight Olympics content.

Still, when it comes to search, Microsoft is probably going to have to be happy with the Bronze medal, in terms of overall traffic.

In other events, though, Microsoft is going for the gold (OK, I'm done with Olympic metaphors). Most notable is its deal with NBC, which is using Microsoft's Silverlight to power the video on, which is being produced in conjunction with MSN.

While much of the attention is focused on the thousands of hours of live and on-demand video streams for the PC, more limited options also exist for content to be downloaded to an Xbox, Zune, or Windows-running laptop.

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