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Microsoft says no to Nokia name in CNET UK Podcast 386

Microsoft appears to be planning a name change for Nokia. We explain why that's a terrible idea -- plus we take on Apple's latest dig at Samsung.

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It's a scientific fact that in a nuclear holocaust, the only things to survive would be cockroaches and old Nokias. But Nokia may not survive being absorbed by Microsoft, which reportedly plans to rename the venerable Finnish company Microsoft Mobile. Hit play on the podcast to find out why that's a terrible, terrible idea.

Microsoft says no to Nokia name in CNET UK Podcast 386

If the play button doesn't work for you, try downloading the audio directly.

In our London studio Andy, Jason and Rich put their heads together to work out whether a new Netflix price hike signals the end of cheap online streaming, and we do the maths on the OnePlus One , one of the first phones that comes running modder fave Cyanogen software. Will it transform Android as we know it?

Plus, we find out how Apple's latest catty remark takes a swipe at Samsung and other rivals in its new adverts, and debate whether Sky's new policy of posting you DVDs of movies you've bought online is a clever idea or just so last century.

And finally we turn to you in listenerland for your questions, comments and tech dilemmas. Keep telling us what you think of the show and the rest of the week's technology news at or

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