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Microsoft: Parents with iPhones, Galaxys are embarrassing

In a new ad with a great headbutt, Microsoft mocks parents who want to take pics of the kids' play with anything but a Nokia Lumia 1020.

She headed him off.
WindowsPhone/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Parents can be frightful.

Blind to the deficiencies of their children, they idolize them to the point at which those kids join startups and think they know everything.

In a new ad, due to debut Sunday, Microsoft entertainingly shows us how this all starts.

Parents buy the wrong phones -- or even, perish the very concept, iPads -- and think they can photograph their little sir or madam in the school play.

The intention here being to promote Windows Phone -- and specifically the very fine Nokia Lumia 1020 -- you know that the pictures will be poor and control will be lost.

And so it proves.

The parents stare at their grubby white iPhones and fading Galaxys and discover pictures are blurred.

A wife tells her husband he must get closer to the stage. What is this? Guns N' Roses?

Suddenly, more and more parents stream forward. There's even one stuck up in the rafters.

Many will find the most moving moment comes when a lady with an iPhone, offended by a Galaxy S4 aficionado, shows him what drama means and headbutts him into Act III.

Meanwhile, the Lumia-clutchers can safely sit back in the knowledge that even though their phone is bright yellow, they can capture all the action from the rear of the theater.

Even Nokia admits that the 1020 is a camera with a keyboard attached. And, in this follow-up to the maniacal wedding ad, Microsoft has managed to capture the true insanity of suburban life.

Indeed, the most telling feature of the ad is that, by the end, the kids are embarrassed by their parents.