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Microsoft offers Windows phones to Android haters

Redmond is encouraging folks on Twitter to share their Android malware horror stories in exchange for the chance to win Windows Phones. Oh yes, they did.

Oh, it is SOOO on now!
Screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET

Oh no, they didn't! Looks like Android is getting served, and Microsoft is encouraging some serious playa-hatin' with the promise of a free phone. Oh yes, they did.

Ben Rudolph is all up in Android's grill on Twitter--the Microsoft Windows Phone "evangelist" is offering to give away Windows phones to folks who share the best Android malware horror stories on Twitter with the hash tag #droidrage. Another tweet from Microsoft's official feed seems to confirm that the contest is legit. Damn, the smartphone wars are getting hella-harsh, bro.

No word on exactly what type of Windows phone is being given away, but the Droid haters have been happy to oblige anyhow, like this dis from Lee Whittington:

Owning a Droid is like an exwife. Good 4 a little while then keeps u angry the rest of ur (marriage) till its over. #droidrage
Screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET

Brutal. And that's just the beginning. Surely it's become even uglier since I wrote this.

Of course, not everyone is taking the contest seriously. One of my favorite responses comes from Peter Willington, who tweeted:

One time I was walking through the desert on Tatooine, talking on my mobile when R2D2 mugged me. #DroidRage Do I get my free phone now?

Clever, Peter, but clearly your problem has nothing to do with the phone--it's more likely that the other Android in your scenario hasn't had a firmware update in three decades! Admittedly though, R2D2 and C3PO both have kind of a "metro" feel to them...