Microsoft: Natal will adapt sensors to your room

In response to fearful reports that 13 feet of clear space from the TV was necessary to use Project Natal, Microsoft says the device's sensors will adjust play space on the fly.

Patrick Steen Special to CNET News
Project Natal

Project Natal, Microsoft's motion-sensing Xbox 360 camera, will work in rooms of all sizes. The device's sensors will read the depth and configuration of your room, adjusting its play space on the fly, Microsoft has revealed. So big or small, cluttered or minimalist, Natal should work in all households.

This reassurance from the company comes in response to fearful reports that at least 13 feet of clear space from a TV was necessary when using the Natal system. Such a requirement would rule out most living rooms in Britain and certainly in gaming-obsessed Japan, where swinging a cat is nigh-on impossible.

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