Microsoft nabs Sun chip executive

Marc Tremblay, one of the main architects of the Sparc line of chips, is headed to Redmond as a "distinguished engineer" after spending 18 years at Sun.

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Ina Fried

Taking a break from hiring people at Yahoo, Microsoft has scooped up a top chip executive from Sun Microsystems.

Marc Tremblay
Marc Tremblay Sun Microsystems

Marc Tremblay, a Sun fellow and chief technology officer for its chip unit, is joining Microsoft as a "distinguished engineer," Microsoft confirmed on Wednesday. Tremblay, an 18-year Sun veteran, was one of the main architects for Sun's Sparc line of chips. I'm working on getting more details on what Tremblay will be doing in his new role at Microsoft.

Meanwhile, Sun said Tremblay's role would be filled by Rick Hetherington, who has served as co-CTO for microelectronics with Tremblay.

"We thank Marc for his many contributions over the last 18 years and wish him all the best in his future endeavors," Sun said in a statement.

Hetherington, a former digital equipment engineer, has been with Sun for more than a decade, the past two as co-CTO of the chip unit.

Microsoft's hiring of Tremblay was noted earlier by The New York Times.

In addition to Tremblay, the software maker has also made another high-profile hire. As reported by ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley, Microkernel expert Jonathan Shapiro said on a mailing list on Friday that he is also joining Microsoft to work on the company's secretive Midori project. Shapiro said he expects to join Microsoft in August; the company declined to comment.