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Microsoft makes Zune Vista-friendly

Player now works with new operating system, thanks to software update that also adds unspecified security updates.

After a few weeks of not speaking to one another, Microsoft's new operating system and its Zune digital-music player are getting along fine.

Microsoft on Tuesday released a software update that lets the Zune work with Windows Vista. Although Vista has yet to go on sale to consumers, the software has been available to businesses since last month, and many tech enthusiasts have been running test versions of Vista.

Microsoft noted the lack of Vista compatibility in November but pledged that a software update to fix the issue would be out well before the January 30 consumer launch of Vista.

In addition to adding support for the new operating system, Microsoft said on its Zune Insider blog that the update "improves the Zune software installation process."

A Microsoft representative said the new software also includes updates, but Microsoft declined to elaborate on the nature of the security issues involved.

The lack of Vista compatibility has been one of several knocks on Microsoft's would-be iPod rival, which went on sale in November. Sales of the device were strong in its first week, but the device has since seen its place in the sales rankings dip.

Microsoft has said it is considering upping its advertising budget for the Zune.