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Microsoft makes a fine viral ad sans vomit

A Microsoft-sponsored video features a wonderfully impossible waterslide stunt. It is rapidly becoming a viral wonder, with nearly 1.7 million YouTube views in less than two weeks.

When it comes to things viral, Microsoft is in an interesting period.

Recently, there was the wife vomiting in the direction of her porn-embracing husband--something of a dubious affair.

But now please welcome a delightful amuse-oeil that is reportedly from Microsoft Germany.

The video features someone supposedly named Bruno Kammerl, who appears to be zooming down a waterslide and flying into a kiddie pool several hundred feet away.

He comes out full of bonhomie and achievement--as one should feel when using Microsoft Office 2007.

Yes, there may have been a leap of faith in that last sentence. However, it appears that when you go to, you discover the waterslide video, entirely surrounded by ads for Microsoft Office 2007. declared that Microsoft is behind this fine stunt and that it is part of Office Project 2007.

Not everyone believes the video is real, of course, and Microsoft even hints that it may be a fiction. But the debate seems to be part of the attraction.

The video has already snagged nearly 1.7 million views on YouTube in less than two weeks and reflects Microsoft's new refreshing enthusiasm for ads that people actually like.