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Microsoft IE breached by new attacks

Internet Explorer has a new security vulnerability, but it's unclear what Microsoft can do to fix it.

There is no question that Microsoft's Internet Explorer has become more secure over time. There's also no question that with roughly 69 percent of the global browser market, IE remains a meaty target.

It is therefore not surprising that IE is under attack, though perhaps the recent breach of fully-patched IE is surprising, as as The Register reports:

The attacks target a flaw in the way IE handles certain types of data that use the extensible markup language, or XML, format. The bug references already freed memory in the mshtml.dll file. According to IDG News, exploits work about one in three times, and only after a victim has visited a website that serves a malicious piece of javascript.

As usual, there is browser security and then there's "user of the browser security." I suspect that the former is pretty strong with IE, but the latter...? Well, if someone wants to foolishly visit suspect sites, perhaps they're getting what they deserve.