Microsoft hiring for mobile game studio

The mobile game unit will help develop titles for Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 and potentially other mobile platforms.

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Ina Fried

Ahead of the launch of Windows Phone 7 later this year, Microsoft has started hiring for a new mobile games unit.

As noted by Neowin and other sites, there are open positions on the business and technical side.

Goo Splat, which was one of the first games ready for Windows Phone 7, is seen here. Microsoft

"Interested in driving content acquisition for our first-party mobile games portfolio?" reads one listing. "Then, come join the Microsoft Game Studios (MGS) Business Development Team. Our mission is to source independent game developers and content licensors to develop next blockbuster first-party franchises for all our gaming platforms. Your goal will be to identify potential content partners and game concepts that fit into our portfolio strategy. You will join a team of diverse, dedicated, and fun business development experts to significantly contribute to the future of MGS portfolio and success."

One of the selling points for Windows Phone 7 is the fact that it will tie into Xbox Live, allowing device owners to view their avatar and gamerscore and earn achievements that tie back to their Xbox Live account.

Microsoft declined to elaborate about its mobile gaming plans.

"As we announced at MIX 2010, Microsoft Game Studios will be a launch partner for Windows Phone 7," Microsoft said. "We haven't shared further details, but stay tuned."

Earlier this year, a series of Microsoft job listings showed Microsoft is hiring for a new Halo-related game title.

What would be really interesting is if there were a job listing combining mobile and Halo.