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Microsoft goes outside for Kin's Mac sync

The company announces that third-party firm Mark/Space is the developer of the promised Mac sync software for the Kin, "Kin Media Sync," which hits stores today.

As promised, Microsoft is offering software that will allow Kin owners to share photos and music between a Mac and the new, youth-oriented phone.

Although the Kin is designed to work with Microsoft's Zune software for Windows, Redmond tapped sync software specialist Mark/Space to create software for sharing photos and music with a Mac. James Martin/CNET

One new wrinkle, though, is that Microsoft went with a third-party firm to develop that software. Mark/Space, which is known for its software for syncing mobile devices and the desktop, created Kin Media Sync for Microsoft.

The free software download lets users transfer music, photos, videos, and podcasts from a Mac to the Kin, though it won't work with copy-protected songs or videos purchased from iTunes.

My colleague Donald Bell wonders why Microsoft hasn't done something similar for its Zune, given the amount of e-mails he has gotten from readers looking for Zune-Mac support.

Meanwhile, for Mac and PC users alike, Thursday marks the day that the Kin goes on sale at Verizon Wireless stores. Did anyone out there hit the stores and pick one up?