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Microsoft fanboys mercilessly mock Google's Alphabet

Technically Incorrect: Just try Googling ABC.WTF and see what you find. A witty play from Redmond? Not quite.

Is Microsoft having fun at Alphabet's expense? Sadly not. Fredbot/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

Microsoft takes several soaks a day in the bubble baths of niceness.

I was moved, therefore, when I heard a rumor it might be mocking Google's new Alphabet holding company name.

After all, Microsoft used to delight in calling Google " and several other charming nicknames. This couldn't still be happening, could it?

I wondered because Search Engine Land noticed that when you go to the Web site ABC.WTF, an interesting thing happens: The URL re-directs to the Bing homepage.

This must have been a swipe at Google's ABC.XYZ, where you can find all the details of Google's full-court letter-press.

Forsooth, I thought. Microsoft's at it again. It couldn't resist snorting trollishly at Google's new name. I took one look at this attempt at positive rebranding and thought: "Really? Oh, Googlies."

So I contacted Redmond to ask which of its wags was behind this wheeze. Sadly, a spokeswoman told me: "Microsoft did not buy this domain and is not involved in the redirect to"

Well, Microsoft itself might not be. But what if a rogue Redmond engineer had this idea and executed it on his or her own initiative?

I do understand, indeed, that there was much snorting in Redmond when they saw this initiative of wit.

The question remains, therefore, as to who might be behind it. One has to conclude that it's someone with Windows in their hearts and the pursuit of Excel in their veins. How could it not be?

I also fear this isn't a one-off ruse. I just went to ABC.FAIL. You'll never guess what happened.

ABC.LOL is another matter, however. For now, at least.