Microsoft celebrates Windows 7's first birthday

The software maker gushes about its youngster, noting it has sold more than 240 million copies of the operating system, which hit the market one year ago.

Ina Fried Former Staff writer, CNET News
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Ina Fried

Like any proud parent, Microsoft wants us to know just how cute its baby is.

To mark the first birthday of Windows 7, Microsoft posted a blog touting its first steps.


Unlike Vista--which was a somewhat awkward toddler--Windows 7 has proven to be a rather good addition to the family. In addition to selling more than 240 million copies, it has helped rebuild the company's reputation.

Here's some other fun facts that Microsoft wanted to show off. (Sorry, no wallet pictures.)

According to Microsoft, people have:

  • Opened the start menu 14,139,925,439 times

  • Used Aero Snap 150,957,478 times

  • Used Aero Shake 20,555,528 times

  • Used their jumplists 339,129,958 times

  • Pinned 12,643 unique applications to the taskbar

Of course, there are also plenty of other cute kids around. Apple is pregnant with a Lion and Google is still carrying Chrome OS, which should be nearing its due date, no?

As for Microsoft, it is planning on having another kid, but refuses to talk about the new baby or give any clue as to when it is due. (Someone did manage to sneak out an ultrasound, though.)