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Microsoft brings Windows 7 to other devices

The software maker says it is ready with an embedded version of Windows 7 that can power devices ranging from TVs to digital signs.

Microsoft announced Tuesday it has finished the task of customizing Windows 7 to run on TVs, set-top boxes, digital signs, and other devices.

Microsoft's Kevin Dallas on Tuesday shows off an embedded version of Windows 7 designed to run on TVs, set-top boxes, and other devices. Microsoft

Among other things, the new software could allow Windows Media Center on new types of devices, Microsoft said. The operating system, dubbed Windows Embedded Standard 7, was shown Tuesday at the ESC Silicon Valley conference in San Jose, Calif.

"With the release of Windows Embedded Standard 7, Microsoft has furthered its commitment to the integration of Windows 7 technologies in the specialized consumer and enterprise device markets," said Kevin Dallas, general manager of Microsoft's Windows Embedded unit.

The PC version of Windows 7 is already running on more than 10 percent of computers worldwide, Microsoft said last week as it announced quarterly earnings.

Microsoft first showed the embedded software, previously code-named Quebec, at ESC Boston in September. At that point, Microsoft was calling it Windows Embedded Standard 2011.