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Microsoft aims to add 'easy' button to Windows Mobile

Company hopes the addition of a marketing executive from Staples will help it better sell its software for cell phones.

Ahh, would that Microsoft really were adding an easy button to its Windows Mobile software. But alas, Microsoft is only announcing that it has hired one of the marketing executives behind Staples "easy button" campaign.

Peters helped lead Staples' "easy button" marketing campaign.

Todd Peters, who has also worked at Intel, joined Microsoft on Monday as corporate vice president for Windows Mobile Marketing, reporting to mobile-business head Peter Knook. Peters fills the spot created after Suzan Del Bene left last August.

"Microsoft is gaining a real foothold with its mobile products and services in the consumer world," Peters said in a statement. "I am looking forward to helping make Windows Mobile a brand not only that people recognize, but that they seek out when choosing the phone that's right for them."

From my perspective, it's not the marketing of Windows Mobile that needs work. It's the software.

After having played around with the latest Windows Mobile 6 software on a demo AT&T Tilt, I still find the software unnecessarily complicated.

Here's hoping Peters and the Windows Mobile team have more up their sleeve than a large, non-functioning button.