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Michael Bublé grabs fan's phone, records himself singing

The Canadian crooner delivers a personal singalong video on a concertgoer's smartphone. Does this mean fans should expect to see more screens at his shows?

Christopher MacManus
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Christopher MacManus
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Michael Bublé could have one heck of a Vine account if he wanted to. michaelbuble.com

Michael Bublé might be one of the most charming singers in the music industry -- and footage of him taking a fan's smartphone and recording himself at a recent concert probably won't hurt that perception.

A brief video clip that quietly emerged last week shows the moment from the perspective of the unidentified smartphone-carrying fan at a concert attended by thousands.

Bublé, walking nearby and singing "To Love Somebody," unexpectedly (but politely) grabs the young woman's smartphone and -- without missing a beat -- continues to sing while recording himself. Bublé looks directly into the camera and sings a few lines, then passes the phone back to its rightful owner. As expected, the young woman's priceless expression conveys an extreme level of excitement over the surprising act.

A representative for Bublé didn't immediately respond to CNET's request for comment about when or where the moment occurred, but we'll update this post with more information when we hear back. According to Reddit user ea1619, who shared the video, the singer grabbed the smartphone at a September 11 concert in St. Paul, Minn.

Bublé certainly gave one of his fans the personal video of a lifetime, though his actions could inspire future concertgoers to pop out their smartphones of a repeat performance. With so many screens in our lives, what ever happened to enjoying a moment without technology? Earlier this year, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs! demanded concert-going crowds put the smartphones away and actually enjoy the performance with their own eyes, which I -- and many CNET readers -- agreed with heartily.