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Metallica, Jimmy Fallon rock out with their alphabet blocks out

The legendary heavy-metal band offers up a rousing rendition of "Enter Sandman" played entirely on toy instruments.

Jimmy Fallon has coaxed some major musical acts to play songs on kid instruments with him on NBC's "The Tonight Show," from Idina "Queen Elsa" Menzel to Carly Rae Jepsen to the Muppets of "Sesame Street" (they let the Count count down their intro, of course). Those songs were light and zingy to start out with, and the innocent sounds of play-musical instruments gave them a kind of fun charm.

But on Wednesday night's show, Fallon and house band The Roots proved that the plinkity-plonkity innocent sounds of toy xylophones, bongo drums and plastic clarinets can also do a heavy-metal classic proud.

Legendary metal band Metallica joined Fallon and the Roots to play their 1991 classic, "Enter Sandman," and they rocked out with their alphabet blocks out.

Lead singer James Hetfield blasted on a toy clarinet, Lars Ulrich banged away on a Fisher-Price drum set (complete with cymbals), Kirk Hammett played the Melodica, and Robert Trujillo wielded a baby electric axe. Fallon himself multitasked, playing bass drum, Casio keyboard and kazoo, and keep an eye on Questlove of The Roots giving the group a hand with some bright green hand-shaped clappers.