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Message scent: oPhone adds aroma to your texts

Take a whiff! Thanks to a new "phone for aroma," the scents of champagne and chocolate made a transatlantic journey Tuesday.

The next evolution of scratch-and-sniff technology is here, with 100 percent less scratching.

Using a new device called the oPhone DUO, the scents of champagne and chocolate got sent via mobile message from Paris to New York City Tuesday.

Paris-based Vapor Communications, the startup behind the scent-based messaging system, launched an Indiegogo campaign for the setup Tuesday. Basically, the oPhone device contains small cartridges called oChips, which are sort of like ink cartridges but for scents.

To send a smelly message, use the free iPhone app called "oSnap" to take a photo of your food, pick from the oSnap's palette of more than 300,000 aroma combinations to capture your scent, and then share how your lunch smells with your friends via an "oNote" sent via email, Facebook, or Twitter. Your friends will have to have an oPhone DUO to smell the burger you're enjoying.

Harvard engineering professor David Edwards invented the device with his former student, Rachel Field. This video explains more about how it works and why it could the next big thing for long-distance foodies.

Preodor (we mean preorder) your own oPhone DUO, starting at $149.

Smell ya later! Video screenshot by Rusty Blazenhoff/CNET

(Via Slate)