Meryl Streep shouting song lyrics is a rocking Twitter meme

The Oscar-winner might be singing along with Britney Spears, or filling in the phone number from a late-night TV commercial. Everything works, really.

Oscar-winning actress Meryl Streep has played many roles, but now, thanks to the resurfacing of a two-year-old photo, she's playing a starring role in a new Twitter meme.

A photo of Streep shouting through her cupped hands turned out to be the perfect backdrop for a kind of social-media karaoke. The photo has been identified as coming from numerous years and many different awards shows, but it seems to be Streep cheering as Debbie Reynolds received a lifetime-achievement award at the 2015 Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Whatever Streep was originally yelling, almost any song lyric, it turns out, can be added to the photo to create a rocking good time.

Sometimes Streep takes an enthusastic part in a duet or a call-and-respond exchange.

Sometimes, it's all about the juxtaposition of the particular lyric and the 67-year old Streep.

Even an Oscar-winner can mishear lyrics sometimes.

It's fun to think of Streep sitting around crossing teams off her March Madness bracket.

And then it got a little meta.

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