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Merriam-Webster tackles Twitter spat among NFL teams

Three NFL teams butted helmets on Twitter over alleged slogan plagiarism, then an unlikely opponent intercepted the jokes for their own touchdown.

In a strange social network spat among football teams, the ultimate smack down was issued by ... Merriam-Webster? Yeah, we can't believe it either.

The Twitter account for the Indianapolis Colts unknowingly started the Twitter war two days ago after it unveiled its new team slogan:

On Tuesday, the Tennessee Titans responded, taking a jab at the Colts over its slogans looking pretty familiar. Emphasis on the posting date to show they chose it first:

Not to be outdone, the Minnesota Vikings chimed in soon after, also circling the date from January 2016 to show that they -- in fact -- were the first to use "forge" in their slogan:

The Colts brushed them both off pointing out that nobody truly owns words, circling the date for the first known use of "forge" by citing the definition from Merriam-Webster:

But Merriam-Webster's Twitter account had the last laugh by pointing out an interesting football fact:

It's just more proof that Twitter is Merriam-Webster's world. We're just posting in it.