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Mercedes equips dealers with iPads

In a pilot program beginning this week, Mercedes is giving some of its dealers iPads, so they can use cool to close the sale.

"So let's go back to the office and work the numbers."

Those are the words most car buyers dread. They come just before figures are pulled out of some accountant's bottom (drawer) in a room adorned with pictures of large people playing golf.

I can offer you a smidgen of joy, should you be wishing to waft into a Mercedes dealership this Memorial Day weekend.

It seems certain of these exalted places are being equipped with iPads, so your friendly dealer can inspire you to closure without the smell of leather ever leaving your nostrils.

"So my iPad tells me that you can drive this baby away right now for just 45 grand a month!" CC Ed Callow/Flickr

According to the Wall Street Journal, 40 Mercedes dealerships will enjoy iPads, whose cool they can adopt in order to produce the most radically inviting digits, while you continue to stroke the steering wheel and dream of a love life you can actually tell your friends about.

"It just gives us more of a sense of credibility," Bernie Moreno, an Ohio Mercedes dealer told the Journal.

It is surely an indication of just how much technology is taking over as society's barometer when it takes an iPad to give a car dealer credibility. And you thought it was only honesty that could do that.

I know many Apple executives will be experiencing considerable wetness around the eyelids and dryness in their throats this weekend when they see Carrie Bradshaw fingering an HP rather than a Mac (or, indeed, an iPad) in "Sex and the City 2."

They will surely be heartened by the knowledge that, once they've left the movie theater, they can wander to one of the selected Mercedes dealers and see just how much pull the company really has.