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Meowbify: Because the Internet needs more cats

Address the shortage of cats on the Internet by turning any Web site into an animated feline fest with Meowbify.

CNET through Meowbify
Windows 8 never looked more adorable.
Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

I've noticed something shocking lately. Many Web sites don't have any cats on them at all. The CNET front page, for example, is completely devoid of Nyans, monorail cats, and keyboard cats. What has the online world come to?

Thank goodness for Meowbify. When you run a URL through Meowbify, it puts everything into its rightful place. Cats become the stars of BBC News. Animated cat .gifs take over GameSpot. The official White House site is invaded by a white cat popping out of a box. All is right with the world.

Meowbify comes from Mobify, a platform that helps translate regular Web sites into a format that looks good on smartphone and tablet screens. The cat-centric service replaces images on other sites with moving cats.

Some sites work better than others through Meowbify. CNET, for example, is a bit of a jumbled visual mess. I'm a little hesitant to plug into the Meowbify engine. I'm afraid it may cause an irreparable rift in the fabric of time and space.

Meowbify understands one of the fundamental truths about the Web. The Internet is for cats. Everything else is secondary. Resistance is futile. You will embrace, pet, and feed your cute, fuzzy overlords.