Megan Fox talks to dolphins in Acer ad

How can Acer make you understand that its new ultrabook is wonderful? Why, by turning Megan Fox into a scientist.

Dreaming of greatness.
Acer/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

You might think that Megan Fox merely looks like Lara Flynn Boyle's little sister.

But, no. Megan Fox is a transformer. She has a secret passion for marine life. You didn't know? How could you not know?

Please be grateful that Acer has decided to bring this to your attention in order to stuff its new Aspire S7 Ultrabook into your Xmas stocking or perhaps your lover's.

Here is Megan not thinking about something as mundane as saving the whale -- for she is determined to get dolphins to speak Hollywood English.

With the help of a few disheveled scientists, Megan uses her brain power to commune and then communicate.

Yes, even the dolphins know her name. This one wants to know what it's like hugging her, too.

How could you not be moved by this small step for mankind?

How could you not marvel that all it needs is ultra star power, ultra brain power, and ultrabook power to bring all creatures great and small together?

What was her last movie called again?