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See a giant fighting robot test its new high-power tank treads

The MegaBots team checks out new custom tank treads designed just for their ultimate fighting robot.

When building a giant fighting robot, you want it to be as durable as possible. The bot cam't break down with the first punch, after all.

In the new episode of the MegaBots video series, posted Wednesday on YouTube, the team shows its progress toward designing, building and testing a machine for the upcoming Giant Robot Duel against Suidobashi Heavy Industry of Japan.

The MegaBots team pays a visit to tank designers Howe & Howe Technologies in Waterboro, Maine, to see how they're progressing toward creating a custom foundation for the Mk. III robot.

"The tread base grips the earth with two massive steel treads, and also houses the advance hydraulic power plant that powers all of the robot's actuators," MegaBots pilot and control systems lead Matt Oehrlein explains in the video.

Watch above as the MegaBots team breaks in the brand new custom tank treads and starts the process of integrating them into the brand new Mk. III robot.