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Meebo announces new features and partners

Web IM and chat company, Meebo, launched an API for their "rooms" product today and their new Meebo advertising network, with five major partners at launch.

The Web IM and chat company, Meebo, just rolled out some very interesting new features. First off, they have introduced a developer API for their Meebo Rooms product. This will allow people to integrate a Meebo Room into their own Web site. Meebo has said that this API will "...further accelerate the widespread adoption of Meebo rooms." Meebo is hoping that Web site owners will take this as an opportunity to build a community around their site.

Meebo also announced a big win for their new Meebo Network chat and advertising platform. They have signed five major partners, including Revision3, Piczo, RockYou, Social Project, and Tagged. Revision3 has a live feed featuring a variety of their shows. Next to the video is a live chat box where people can discuss the shows together. Meebo has said that they will be offering a "hassle-free revenue stream" on their partners' sites through targeted ad units.

This is going to be a great move for Meebo. They are expanding their reach and providing their services to new users. A lot of sites can benefit from real-time user interaction like this, and Meebo is right here to fulfill that need.