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Media recliner goes wireless

Ace Bayou's latest lounge chair cuts the cords.

Ace Bayou

We have a soft spot for furniture maker Ace Bayou, because one of its media chairs appeared on Crave just days after we launched. In fact, we were hoping that our bosses might take the hint and buy us one to celebrate. We're still waiting.

Now the company has updated that model with its new "Wireless Audio Recliner," which has all the accoutrements of the earlier version (except for the leather), including a built-in 2.1 sound system, two speakers, and a subwoofer. But it does it one better, by doing away with those unsightly wires.

It's not clear what type of wireless technology it uses to connect to media players and game consoles, according to Slippery Brick, but the company claims that the chair itself somehow amplifies and improves the sound quality. Whatever. What we really want to know is whether this model, like the previous one, gives massages.