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Meat vending machine curbs carnivore cravings

Smart Butcher's meat vending machine is a carnivore's fever dream come true. The machine dispenses steaks and sausages at a convenience store in Alabama.

Smart Butcher meat vending machine
It's a meat vending machine. All your dreams have now come true.
Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

There's more than one right answer to the "Where's the beef?" question. If you happen to be in Odenville, Ala., the beef is in a vending machine at the Lil Mart convenience store.

A meat vending machine may sound like something you would come up with during a bacon-induced fever dream, but it's a very real pilot product from a startup called Smart Butcher.

According to a report in The Birmingham News, the machine accepts $1 or $5 bills as well as credit or debit cards. Pork steaks, sirloin, ribeye, sausages, and other meats are on offer.

Prices are reasonable. An 8-ounce cut of sirloin goes for $3.99 and pork steaks sell for $2.49. The machine rotates its wares behind a large viewing window so you can inspect the cuts before purchasing.

The meaty comestibles are refrigerated and individually sealed so you don't get a raw slab of loin sliding out of the dispenser.

The company's founders are planning to expand the concept when they find the right niche to explore. Campgrounds and state parks have been mentioned. I would suggest installing one in Lady Gaga's closet for starters.

I know you want to see this beefy beast in action. Alabama's CBS 42 has you covered with some on-the-spot reporting.