Me TV: Television of the future

special report News.com offers an indepth look at the revolutionary new technology and ideas that are reshaping the TV industry.

CNET News staff
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New technologies, from on-demand programming to TiVo offshoots to flat screens to HDTV, are radically changing the benign concept of traditional television. Viewers are now gaining control over the mass medium, creating interactive communities and installing custom-made home media networks. As entire industries are redefined, how are networks, content providers and advertisers adjusting their strategies?
  • All shows, all the time
    Broadcast and cable networks lose ability to dictate programming as public adopts peer-to-peer technology.
  • Underground television
    Countering busy schedules, TiVo offshoots enable people to view content at their personal convenience.
  • New business on demand
    Wireless technologies could enable custom viewing on handhelds, notebooks and other non-TV devices.
  • Couch potato confusion
    Flat screens are growing in popularity and size every day, and prices are all over the map. What's the deal?
  • Turbulence in airwaves
    With HDTV on horizon, an expensive, high-end TV on the market today might become obsolete tomorrow.
  • TV hub of home media
    Depending on preferences, assembling interactive video, music and game systems can take myriad forms.
  • Nascar's interactive content
    Putting fans in the driver's seat, covering races via satellite radio and HDTV are among ways it's pulling ahead.
  • BBC's model for broadcast
    Despite its age, institution is on forefront of radical changes such as massive archiving for on-demand use.
  • Nike's ad race
    If any company can successfully blur the lines between advertising, content and hardware branding, it's Nike.
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