McDonald's made a shockingly attractive PS5 controller, apparently

Twitch streamers in Australia are helping give away the hamburger-themed Dual Sense gamepad.

Sean Buckley Social Media Producer

This controller is a lot more attractive than you might expect for a fast-food giveaway. 

Australia's take on the McDonald's brand has a lot going for it. The AU nickname for the fast-food chain, "Maccas," is extremely fun to say. The local menu boasts cheesecake, toast and macaron cookies. And now Maccas is apparently making a PlayStation 5 controller that we should probably hate but can't. Despite being a heavily branded advertisement for hamburgers, it's a surprisingly attractive, high contrast vision of bright McDonald's red, clean white and french fry yellow.

Yes, it's partly a weird, soulless marketing campaign designed to make unhealthy food endearing, but it's also just a well-designed custom game pad. And because it's an exclusive giveaway for the Australian branch's 50th anniversary, most of us will never be able to get one.

If you do live in Australia, however, the controller will reportedly be given away during a series of Twitch streams running through the first week of August. 

Australian gaming website Press Start revealed the reported giveaway, but McDonald's hasn't officially confirmed it yet. Even so, it seems legitimate: CNET reached out to one of the participating Twitch streamers and was told by a chat moderator that the announcement was "not meant to be posted until next week." The streamer quickly mentioned on stream that they couldn't talk about it, before moving on to another topic.

If you manage to get one, please don't actually eat McDonald's while you use it. Nobody likes a greasy controller