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McDonald's launches bizarre Big Mac fashion line

Swedish fast-food fans can now wear their beef-based sentiments on their sleeves with a series of Big Mac fashion outfits and lifestyle accessories.

Big Mac thermals
Would you wear this in public? McDonald's

Despite mascot Ronald McDonald's social-media-age makeover, the McDonald's fast-food chain has never been a fashion plate. It is, however, the source of inspiration for a Big Mac-themed line of clothes and household accoutrements.

The product lineup includes matching thermal tops and bottoms, bed linens, wallpaper, a dog coat, a human raincoat and Wellington boots. Each one sports the same repeating Big Mac pattern on a white background. It's not as subtle as poo emoji fabric, but at least it's not as jarring at the outfit the Hamburglar wears.

You won't be the least bit surprised to find the available sizes range from extra small to extra-extra large. If you want to obtain one of these fashion faux pas, you'll need to have a Swedish address. The store won't ship anywhere else.

It would take an extremely dedicated Big Mac fan to go all-in on these items, but the result could be a bedroom wallpapered with burgers where a Big Mac-wearing person could tuck into a bed and snuggle down under some more Big Macs while eating an actual Big Mac. It would be like living in a post-apocalyptic future where McDonald's is the only corporation left and it runs the entire world and "lovin' it" is mandatory for all citizens.

The McFashion project is part of a global McDonald's publicity push called imlovinit 24, featuring 24 marketing stunts in 24 different cities. Though McDonald's is giving this whole Big Mac fashion thing a pretty strong effort, it still has a ways to go to catch KFC Japan and its fried-chicken computer gear when it comes to pure oddity.

Big Mac dog coat
This dog coat is listed as "coming soon." McDonald's

(Via NY Daily News)