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McDonald's weirds out with fork made from french fries

Nobody asked for it, but McDonald's created a fork that uses french fries in place of tines.

Here's something you don't need: a plastic utensil you shove three french fries into to mop up stray toppings that fall off a sandwich. Fast-food giant McDonald's launched a strange marketing stunt on Monday with the introduction of the "Frork," a french-fry fork.

The Frork exists to promote new sandwich offerings. Infomercial star Anthony Sullivan talks up the strange creation in a video meant to mimic late-night television ads.

The US promotion offers a free Frork to the first 100 people who call a hotline number. Sorry, you're already out of luck. A call to the number lands you on a menu full of promotional information delivered by the excitable Sullivan, but the Frorks seem to be all claimed.

All is not lost, however. Participating locations will offer Frorks along with certain sandwich orders on May 5. As far as weird fast-food publicity stunts go, the Frork doesn't quite reach the bizarreness level of a fried-chicken keyboard or a Unicorn Frappuccino, but it's a decent effort. It should also go nicely with the chain's new dystopian employee uniforms.