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McAfee makes SanDisk's thumb drive picky about data

New SanDisk Cruzer Enterprise thumb drive that comes with built-in virus protection.

I recently blogged about people in Japan getting new Eee Box PCs that came with a virus on their hard drives. Now, the opposite: a new thumb drive that comes with antivirus software.


SanDisk, a maker of USB flash drives, and security giant McAfee, teamed up Tuesday to announce the SanDisk Cruzer Enterprise. The USB thumb drive comes with antimalware protection from McAfee built in.

SanDisk's Cruzer Enterprise USB flash drives have been known for being thumb drives with mandatory security for corporate users. Now, in addition to preventing data leaks by utilizing advanced hardware-based 256-bit AES encryption and complex passwords, the new thumb drive includes the McAfee Scan Engine, which offers advanced heuristic analysis for comprehensive detection of both known and unknown threats.

The McAfee security protects the thumb drives from infection with an automatic antimalware scan that prohibits file transfers to the secure USB drive when it detects infection on a host PC. The scan engine examines every file saved or copied to the USB flash drive.

The new SanDisk Cruzer Enterprise will be available later this year. Currently it's unclear how much it costs and how much storage it will offer.