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May the 4th fun: Craft a Princess Leia look

Celebrate Star Wars Day wearing a headband with that Princess Leia je ne sais quoi. Crave's Bonnie Burton shows you how to craft headgear so simple even a Wookiee could make it.

Celebrate Star Wars Day in this Princess Leia hair buns headband. Bonnie Burton/CNET

Need the perfect headgear for your upcoming Star Wars Day celebration? Or perhaps you're having such a bad hair day you'd make even an Ewok cringe? Wear this easy-to-make Princess Leia headband for a hairstyle that's always in fashion with the Rebel Legion. It's the first in a series of exclusive simple DIY crafts from Crave writer Bonnie Burton, author of " The Star Wars Craft Book," in the days leading to May the 4th. Next up, Wookiee Wednesday.


What you need:
* Very chunky yarn (brown if you really want to look like Princess Leia, another color if you want, say, auburn or purple buns)

* A plastic headband

* Fabric glue

How to make a Princess Leia headband:
1. For each bun, cut approximately 12 pieces of yarn (more for larger buns) at 25 inches long.

2. Take all the yarn pieces for one bun lengthwise in your hand, and start twisting so the yarn starts to coil on its own. Make a spiral circle shape -- like a cinnamon bun.

3. Now that the yarn looks like Leia's hair bun, tuck the ends inside.

4. Put dots of fabric glue on the back of the bun. You may need to add a little glue in between the top coils to keep it in place. Let dry.

5. Repeat for the other bun.

6. Put your headband on, and decide where you want to position your buns. Glue the buns onto the sides of the headband. Let dry.

7. Put the headband on and go save the galaxy.

Be sure to visit Crave Wednesday for another "Star Wars" craft tutorial from Bonnie. And if you make any of these projects, be sure to send a photo, and a few words about your adventure, to Crave at cnet dot com, with "Star Wars craft" in the subject line. We might share your photo with CNET readers.

Even R2-D2 looks great in hair buns thanks to his new Princess Leia headband. Bonnie Burton/CNET