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Matthew, Mark, Luke and John---in your pocket

CmChat delivers Christian news feed, daily prayers to your cell phone.

You can get just about anything on your cell phone these days--ESPN, the latest Green Day video, a game of "Resident Evil: The Missions." Now you can add the Pauline Epistles to that list.

Virtual Bible

South African company ChristianMobile (tagline: "Powered by God") has announced what it says is the world's first Christian mobile-phone chat application, CmChat. The app lets mobile-phone subscribers send text or SMS messages, but adds in Christian news feeds, daily prayers, devotionals and Bible verses, plus information on new Christian publications, weather and sports reports.

Christian Mobile says it created CmChat, in part, to provide kids (and adults) with a safer alternative to less wholesome mobile Internet chat rooms. CmChat functions in much the same way as sending an SMS; you must know the number of the person you are sending the message to and they will receive your number. The company says it verifies numbers when subscribers register; it's unclear, however, exactly what that process entails.

ChristianMobile also recently launched VirtualBible (pictured), which delivers the complete Old Testament or New Testament to cell phones.

(Photo: PRWeb)