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Matthew Aslett moves to The 451 Group

Matthew Aslett is leaving CBR. His excellent work will continue there.

I'm very happy to have heard from Matthew Aslett that he's moving on from Computer Business Review. Not that CBR is a bad publication - quite the opposite. Rather, I'm excited for Matthew and for The 451 Group, as I love the quality of the open-source work that both produce. Matthew is consistently one of the out-performers in the crop of open-source business bloggers.

From Matthew's announcement:

I just wanted to let you all know that today is my last day at CBR/ComputerWire.

As some of you will already know I'm moving on to the role of enterprise software analyst at The 451 Group. I will be working alongside Raven Zachary and Jay Lyman covering Linux and open source and will be blogging at 451 CAOS Theory.

I've got a couple of weeks holiday to take and will be starting in early October, so I'll send another email with my new contact details then.

If you hadn't already registered via RSS to track Matthew's or The 451's open source analysis, now is the time to do so.

Congratulations, Matthew!