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Matt Smith turns zombie-whisperer with 'Game of Thrones' star Natalie Dormer in 'Patient Zero'

The "Doctor Who" star joins the "Game of Thrones" and "Hunger Games" star to battle a global infection.


Matt Smith is swapping Daleks for zombies in his latest role, joining forces with Natalie Dormer in the search for "Patient Zero".

Former Time Lord Smith joins "Game Of Thrones" and "Hunger Games" star Dormer for the film, according to Deadline. "Patient Zero" involves a global pandemic of super-rabies that turns people super-violent. The story focuses on a survivor -- presumably Smith -- who can speak the language of the undead and who interrogates the zombie-like nasties to try and track the source of the infection, hopefully finding a cure for his infected wife in the process.

That might sound like a familiar mash-up of "28 Days Later" and "World War Z" -- with perhaps a pinch of "Interview with the Vampire" -- but let's hope it's in safe hands. The film is overseen by Austrian director Stefan Ruzowitzky, who helmed "The Counterfeiters" and thriller "Deadfall", starring Eric Bana. The script is written by Mike Le, screen and comic book writer and former assistant to Owen Wilson and Wes Anderson.

Smith is making waves in Hollywood since handing over the TARDIS keys to Peter Capaldi, cementing both his indie cred in Ryan Gosling's directorial debut "Lost River" and his blockbuster chops in " Terminator: Genisys". Sticking with the fantasy genre, he's currently shooting the movie adaptation of Jane Austen parody "Pride And Prejudice And Zombies".

Fighting the undead seems to be a preoccupation for recent Doctors: as well as battling zombie Cybermen in the finale of this year's series of "Doctor Who", Peter Capaldi appeared in "World War Z" playing, of all things, a WHO doctor.