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Match.com: iPhoners are office romantics, Androiders are loose

A survey of single Canadians found iPhone users most likely to date in the workplace, and Android users more likely to have sex on the first date.

You will wish to draw your own loving conclusions. I will merely draw you a picture or two.

For the results of a survey by Match.com have stirred me into deep romantic thought. I am grateful to VentureBeat for having an initial relationship with this data, as it pokes a stiletto into my view of dating.

The data analyzed the behavior of various smartphone owners when it comes to love. Oddly, it declared that Android users are easy, loose, flaunt themselves so much on the first date that they end up having sex far more readily than those with other phones.

I should note, at this point, that these results come from Canada, so they might not be consistent with the rest of the world.

Do iPhone users recharge before charging into love? Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Still, when I tell you that Canadian BlackBerry users are more likely to be drunk dialers, you might find corroboration in the recent tale of two BlackBerry executives who were so fit to be tied on a plane that they had to be, well, tied up.

For all those who might have imagined that the iPhone is the gateway gadget to instant sex, I have disabusing notions. This survey offers that iPhone users are, instead, the office romantics. Yes, they're slick and seductive, but they take a little time. However, after a date they do tend to reach out quicker to the objects of their quest than do BlackBerry or Android users.

It is true-- at least this data says it is-- that iPhone users still have more first-date sex than BlackBerry users. But who would have imagined that Android users are so far ahead in, for example, visiting dating sites? They are, allegedly, 14 per cent more likely to do this than iPhone owners and 99 per cent more likely than BlackBerry owners, who are all married.

Actually that last part about BlackBerry owners was entirely inaccurate, though they are the slowest to gravitate to online dating. So this survey says, at least.

I feel sure that every single person's sensitivities about which phone they use have now been made more acute. Just imagine those who happen to place their Android devices on the bar while seeking a coin or a lipstick.

"Oh, right," the barkeep (and others) will muse. "One of those, eh?"