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Marvel's next Netflix show, 'Jessica Jones,' gets teaser, premiere date

First there was "Daredevil." Now Marvel advances the assembly of its Netflix-based team with "Jessica Jones," slated to debut November 20.

This is one of the only bits of hard fact hidden in the new teaser for Netflix and Marvel's upcoming "Jessica Jones." Video screenshot by Michael Franco/CNET

The new teaser trailer for Netflix's upcoming series "Jessica Jones" ends with the words "It's time the world knew her name" flashed on the screen in the broken-glass theme that pervades the promo below. Unfortunately, that's pretty much all fans are going to know by the end of the minute-long clip -- that, and the fact that the show premieres November 20.

The trailer, released Thursday, is basically a music video set to Of Monster and Men's "Thousands Eyes," with lots of purples, oranges and broken glass atmospherically filling the screen. It can perhaps be inferred that the opening bit, where a barrel of liquid tips over and leads to the creation of Alias Investigations, is the backstory of Jones, who acquired superpowers when a car her father was driving smashed up against a military vehicle carrying an experimental liquid.

But that's pretty much the only hint viewers get of the show in this clip, which really takes the word "teaser" seriously.

Here's a little more backstory on Jones. After the orphan (her parents and brother were killed in the crash) gets her powers and becomes the superhero Jewel, things kind of go awry when she's captured by Purple Man, who uses his pheromone powers to place her under his control.

After doing some bad things, like attacking the police and storming the Avengers' mansion, she eventually comes out of the trance but swears off her superpowers, becoming a private investigator instead and opening Alias Investigations. The show is actually based on Marvel's "Alias" comics written from 2001 through 2004.

Of course, Jones keeps one foot in the superhero world, spending her time investigating people with extraordinary abilities. She also dates hero-for-hire Luke Cage and eventually gets hired by Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil, which is likely how this show will fit in with Marvel's first Netflix release.

After "Daredevil" (which premiered April 10), "Jessica Jones" is the second of four shows Marvel has planned for release on Netflix. The third will be "Luke Cage" (naturally) and the fourth is slated to be "Iron Fist." After those shows have their runs, all four characters will team up for the ensemble show "The Defenders."

"Jessica Jones" will feature 13 episodes, available for binge-watching at 12:01 a.m. PT on November 20.