Marvel's Midnight Suns is a new superhero strategy game from the creators of XCOM

The rumored Marvel strategy game from 2K and Firaxis Games is real, and we'll see gameplay for the first time on Sept. 1.

Alessandro Fillari Former writer
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The cast of heroes in Marvel's Midnight Suns.

2K Games

Following a series of rumors over the summer, the next Marvel videogame was revealed Wednesday as part of the Gamescon industry event. Midnight Suns is a new tactical roleplaying game from Firaxis Games, developer of the brilliant XCOM 2, and it's inspired by the popular '90s comic series of the same name. 

This game brings together a roster of well-known big-screen heroes such as Captain America, Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel and Wolverine, and these characters will work with other fan-favorite Marvel characters such as Blade and Ghost Rider to face off against a new threat from the realm of magic.

While you'll take command of a team of heroes just like in Marvel's Avengers, the story and gameplay of Midnight Suns will focus on an original character created just for this game. Known as The Hunter, they are an ancient warrior who Doctor Strange revives from the dead to face off against Lilith -- who also happens to be their mother. 

The reveal trailer, above, focuses heavily on the story of Midnight Suns, which takes inspiration from the 1990s comic event Rise of the Midnight Sons, which saw many of Marvel's more magic-oriented heroes and anti-heroes face off against enemies wielding the mystic arts. While the trailer does give a vibe similar to the Avengers game, the tone is noticeably darker, which will make for an exciting change of pace compared to other Marvel games.

Midnight Suns is a tactics RPG, but it will take some of its approaches to gameplay from the turn-based strategy games Firaxis is famous for, such as XCOM. The trailer hints that the action will involve characters combining their powers to dramatic effect.

For now, the reveal trailer is all we have to go off of for details about Midnight Suns. However, the developers at Firaxis Games teased an upcoming gameplay reveal event on Sept. 1, just a week away, which will give us our first look at the game in action. Currently, Midnight Suns is scheduled for release sometime in March 2022.