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Marvell intros low-cost, high-performance SATA controller for SSDs

Marvell unveils its third-generation SATA controller for SSDs that offers more features and high-speed performance at lower cost and energy consumption.

The new  88SS9187 SATA controller chip from Marvell
The new 88SS9187 SATA controller chip from Marvell

Marvell announced today the deployment of its 88SS9187 SATA controller designed for solid-state drives (SSDs).

The company says the new controller is powered by high-performance embedded processor technology and features the latest 6Gbps SATA 3.1 host interface optimized specifically for SSDs. The 88SS9187 also has Marvell's Adaptive Read and Write Scheme and on-chip RAID functionality. This means it can be used with the latest generation of NAND flash memory.

According to Marvell, the new controller will deliver lower costs, high performance, and better power efficiency, making it also a great choice for the ultrabook computer market. Most of all, the new controller might also lead to the further reduction of SSD prices.

Marvell's third-generation SATA 6Gbps SSD controller supports on-chip RAID technology for NAND devices with firmware designed to aid in retiring defective NAND storage. It also supports a high-speed DDR3 DRAM interface and up to 1GB memory for mapping algorithms. According to Marvell, it has high random read and write IOPS, and its sequential read performance is the maximum available for a SATA 6G device, and still reaches 500MBps of sequential write performance under "dirty drive conditions."

Marvell says a significant number of major SSD manufacturers are set to deploy Marvell's newest controller immediately, with additional partners expected to integrate 88SS9187 implementations later this year.