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Martha Stewart Is Selling a Severed Hand Candle, Naturally

The cursed candle is one of Stewart's strangest offerings yet.

Don't let the polished country-club persona fool you: Martha Stewart has always marched to the beat of her own drum. Need proof? The cooking and hosting mogul just launched a Dismembered Moments Luxury Candle in tandem with Liquid Death, a new (ish) flavored seltzer brand with in-your-face branding.

Martha Stewart with hand cancle
Martha Stewart

The creepy jet-black candle is unscented and paraffin-based with a 60-hour burn time. It's molded in the shape of a life-size hand gripping a can of Liquid Death seltzer. At present, we don't have confirmation that the hacked-off hand is modeled after Martha's own well-manicured mitt, but we also don't know that it's not

If the collaboration sounds weird... that's because it is. But it is real and currently selling for $58 on Martha's website alongside fluffy duvet covers and copper cookware. The Martha Stewart x Liquid Death Dismembered Moments candle "offers a luxurious accent candle to your home decor," according to its straight-faced product description.

You can secure one now and light up in time for Halloween or gift it to someone with a ghoulish sensibility. 

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