Martha Stewart bar app invites you up for drinks

You've always suspected that Martha Stewart would be the ideal cocktail party guest. Sneak a peek into her personal bartender's guide with the Martha Stewart Cocktails app for iPad.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
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Martha Stewart Cocktails app
Alas, there is no moonshine recipe here. Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia

Sometimes I play the game where you think of which famous celebrity you'd like to have a drink with. Bob Dylan would be awesome. Bill Gates probably makes a mean sloe gin fizz. For those of you who have Martha Stewart in mind, you can get one step closer to dream fulfillment with the Martha Stewart Cocktails app for the iPad.

The 99-cent app requires clicking through the age-restricted material warning when installing it. You just have to agree that you are over 17 to browse 20 recipes ranging from an Herbal Lillet Cooler to a Caiprinha, the Brazilian libation made with sugarcane liquor. In a nice pop culture collision, the White Russian recipe includes a shout out to the Dude from "The Big Lebowski."

There are a few extras that elevate this app above a dog-eared copy of a bartender's guide. Each recipe includes a tip or a history lesson about the cocktail. A how-to video walks you through the highly technical process of muddling mint leaves.

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A handful of bar snack recipes are included, if you want to get adventurous and pair Herbed Deviled Eggs with a Pineapple-Rum cocktail. More recipes are available to download--four packs of 5 snack recipes and 20 additional cocktail recipes, each pack a buck a pop. That would bring the full app up to $5 for everything.

The Martha Stewart brand is all over the app, but Martha herself doesn't show up in person. I would have liked a few videos of her stirring up some concoctions or perhaps an interactive "Bar chat with Martha" feature. Maybe that will come with the next update.