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Marketing the new TV season: Midsummer

The TV press are attending the Press Tour in Los Angeles, where the networks promote their new shows.

We are halfway through the summer, and halfway until the start of the new television season. Promotional spots for all our new shows are on the air. We're producing what is called the "key art" for the print ads and billboards. That's the photo design and ad copy we hope will get your attention in less than 2 seconds.

TV critics are attending what's called the "Press Tour," when the television press gathers in a Los Angeles area hotel for a few weeks. The broadcast and cable networks come in one by one and tout their new shows. The stars and producers attend these press conferences, which get written about in newspaper columns across the country, and in blogs and other electronic media. The advertising community makes their predictions as to what shows will be successful, and as usual, everyone has an opinion.

We'll build awareness about the new shows throughout the summer. Then it's the final lap of the race right after Labor Day. That's when the networks turn up the heat on other media--radio, cable, print, online, and outdoor--you name it.

It's also when viewing levels increase, so more people see the spots for the new shows. At CBS, we begin our 50th year of broadcasting the NFL, which also serves as a great place to promote new shows.

The adventure continues!