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Mark Zuckerberg to appear on '60 Minutes'

Facebook CEO's TV appearance will be the first since the release of "The Social Network," a film that portrays the early days of Facebook in a way that he has denounced as fictional.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is slated to make a rare television interview appearance Sunday on CBS' "60 Minutes." (CNET News is published by CBS Interactive, a unit of CBS.) It's his first TV appearance since the release of "The Social Network," the unauthorized film about his founding of Facebook that has been both praised by reviewers and criticized for what some say is an unduly negative portrayal of the young founder.

Zuckerberg appeared on ABC's "World News" in July, and on Oprah Winfrey's syndicated talk show in September--just before the release of "The Social Network," and just after he had announced the donation of $100 million to support public schools in the troubled city of Newark, N.J.

His onstage conference appearances, as well as talks at Facebook's frequent press conferences, have made him a much more prominent CEO than he was in the company's earlier days when he left public-speaking duties to other executives. The most recent of his appearances were last month, in which Zuckerberg personally unveiled Facebook's upgraded messaging system and then gave an extensive, generally well-received talk at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco.