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Mark Zuckerberg action figure needs a friend

It pokes, likes, and accepts friend requests. The Facebook CEO can now join your Star Wars figures in the fight against the Empire.

Friendship not included. M.I.C Gadget

Hit the road, Ken. Social-media Barbie has a new crush she can film with the camera on her chest: the Mark Zuckerberg action figure.

It seems everyone wants a piece of the Facebook CEO these days. President Obama recently picked his brain, hackers want to exploit his bread and butter, and a stalker recently clamored for his attention. Now you can have ol' Zuck all for yourself in his trademark hoodie, jeans, and sandal ensemble for $69 and shipping fees (sold at the M.I.C Gadget Store).

The likeness in the 7-inch-doll is remarkable, but it isn't exactly spot on. In fact, there's something almost creepy about this action figure, and perhaps it's the giant head that matches the torso in size. Still, Zuckerberg's freckled face is very well done, with incredible detail in the visage and curly hair. Those blue jeans also look absurdly good for a paint job.

The Zuckerberg action figure includes two acrylic plates with the "Poke" and "Like" icons, and in the land of make believe I could see those being tossed at the retired Steve Jobs action figure. There are also some speech caption bubbles that can be attached to Zuck's head so you can pretend the man behind a 500-million-user social network actually wants to talk to you.