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Mark Webbink to Steve Ballmer: We have a problem and the problem is...you

Microsoft has a patent problem...its own.

I love Mark Webbink. His post today calling out Microsoft's hypocrisy on patents is classic. Black pot? Meet kettle that so far is looking bright and shiny silver, whatever Microsoft's attempts to rub some smudge onto it.

I know you are quite concerned that Red Hat is not showing due respect for your (unidentified) patents, but it strikes me as a little rich that you or Microsoft should be lecturing anyone on the proper respect for the patents of others given all of the following parties that believe that Microsoft does not respect their patents....

It's irrefragable that there is a patent problem. What's less clear is whose problem it is. Mark makes a pretty compelling case that Microsoft would do well to consider its fragile, glass house before starting to throw stones.