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Mario, 'Star Wars,' Chuck Taylors collide in nerdy shoe collection

Pump up your kicks with a custom set of Converse All-Stars done up with hand-knitted video gaming and science fiction themes.

Mario sneakers
Old-school gaming meets old-school sneakers meets old-school knitting.

Knitting, once seen as a hobby reserved for fleet-fingered elders, has become an awesomely nerdy pastime. This movement has resulted in such creations as knitted frog dissection kits, knitted Princess Leia buns, and customized knitted geek Converse.

Etsy seller PrettySneaky's store is full of wearable knitted nerd art sneakers. The shoes are made from classic Converse high tops with hand-knitted uppers crafted from wool yarn.

Choose from sneaks sporting a Tardis, Cyberman, "Firefly" Browncoat symbol, or "Star Wars" TIE fighters blasting away at their foes. You can even wear a TIE fighter on one foot and the Death Star on the other. If you would rather have a Rebel or Empire logo, you can order a custom set of kicks.

Gaming geeks aren't left out. The Mario and Piranha Plant pairing is pretty sweet. Final Fantasy and Minecraft also show up in shoe form. Each pair of custom Chucks will run you $130. Since they're custom, there's no reason you couldn't combine your passions in one pair. I'm thinking a Dalek on one shoe and Bowser on the other.

Star Wars sneakers
Is that a Death Star on your sneakers? Why, yes, it is. PrettySneaky

(Via Fashionably Geek)